A magic prescription for stomach upset.
Everyone wants to look beautiful and attractive and new shoes are made for it. If the belly is too stretched or hung, then the whole beauty fleet is sunk.
Today we will tell you a magical recipe for reducing stomach upset without eating something that will amaze you with incredible results and most importantly, the ingredients used in this recipe are present in your home are as follows:

1.Vaseline or petroleum jelly – a half teaspoon.
2.Wax … half teaspoon.
3.Sweet soda – … – half teaspoon
4.Ginger powder – … half teaspoon
5.Mustard oil – two teaspoons of mustard seed.

The method of preparation :
Mix all ingredients well in a pot.
Prescription ready.

How to use:

  1. Massage your stomach well.
    2- Take a little shopper and wrap it on the stomach.
    Take a cloth and tie it.
    3.Bake for five to six hours, and the women do housework.
    4.After five to six hours, when there is a lot of confusion, open it.
    5.Clean the stomach with the help of tissue.

Immediately after opening, do not sit in front of the fan and refrain from bathing.
Take a bath after half an hour.

Since men have to go out of the house, they can walk for half an hour faster by applying it to their stomach at any free time.
Insha Allah will be of great benefit.

Published by Asim Hanif

Professor Asim Hanif Health tips. HEALTH Is WEALTH.

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