5 Ways to Control with “COMMON FLU”

  • 5 ways to deal with common FLU
    Recent surveys have shown that harassers need to have a seizure at least twice a year. See this article for how to deal with this condition. According to the survey, adults complain of diarrhea 2 to 4 times a year and children. It can be from 6 to 10 times. In homes where there are more children, there is a higher likelihood of transmission from one to another. In women between the ages of 20 and 30, the ratio may be 8 to 10 times. It can occur in any part of the year, according to the health department. The virus does not have much effect on outdoor climate and weather.

Common nausea is caused by a virus and someone with it
Even medicine does not work. Instead of medicine, your body is confronted with the virus. So instead of trying to end the disease, you should try to control the symptoms. Chest tightness and headache are all symptoms of diarrhea. This condition is not dangerous, but it is definitely annoying. Still, the virus has to be tolerated. Home remedies to reduce its symptoms Can be taken. Medications and syrups can also be used to reduce headache and cough. In addition, home remedies in Zel also reduce symptoms. Would be helpful to do.

  • Relax: *
    Take a break from work and relax. Your body is exposed to the virus and relaxation reduces mental stress And the body more efficiently battles the disease. If you work, your body will have to fight the virus, which will help you lose your immune system and make you weaker. ۔

Dizziness, colds, flu, winter gifts

  • Drink more liquid: *
    Fever, chest tightness and decreased immune system increase the risk of dehydration in the body. Therefore, the body should keep drinking water, soups and juices to prevent loss of water. Do not use. Drink something that will give you energy without stressing the stomach.
  • Daily Shower: *
    The first symptom of a nozzle is throat sore throat.
    In addition, it also eliminates dryness and mucus in the throat. Just add half teaspoon of salt into the water, as more salt can cause other health problems.
  • Take Stem: *
    If inhaled properly, it will lessen the pressure of the flame and open the nose.
  • Run Humidifier: *
    The nozzle has no weather and can occur in any part of the year. But the virus spreads more quickly in the dry season. If a humidifier is turned on at home, it will be easier to breathe. Dry air increases sore throat, cough and chest tightness. When your baby starts to fall asleep, the humidifier screams so the baby will fall asleep and wake up the next day.

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