7 Home prescriptions for “Bad Stomach”.

  • 7 home prescriptions for bad stomachs.
    The stomach is the organ of the human being that is often infected, whether it is gas, constipation, lack of food or indigestion, all of which affect everyone in some way.

But there are some things or prescriptions around you that naturally help to set-up stomach.

Carrot and mint ‘juice’
Sounds strange but this mixer is useful when it comes to helping you overcome your gastrointestinal disorders. Carrots provide nutrition while mint solves the gastrointestinal problem. Simply boil four cups of chopped carrots, four cups of water and one teaspoon of dried mint in a medium flame for fifteen minutes, and then mix and mix this mixture with a spoon.

  • Rice tea *
    Try rice ‘tea’ to prevent cholera. Boil half a cup of rice in six cups of water for fifteen minutes, then take out the rice and mix it with honey or sugar in water.
  • Apple vinegar *
    If you are having difficulty digesting food or gas is disturbed then mix one teaspoon of apple vinegar, one teaspoon honey in a cup of warm water and drink, your anxiety will decrease. , This mixture also reduces the effects of irritation of the chest.
  • Raisins, peaches, potatoes *
    If you suffer from constipation, try a diet consisting of fruits and fruits, which are cherries, raisins, peaches and potato fats. These are all fiber-rich things that help ease the pain of constipation by stimulating your digestive system.
  • Yogurt *
    If you are having stomach upset try using yogurt, the presence of good gastrointestinal bacteria in it reduces gastrointestinal distress and increases the body’s immune system. Just keep in mind that using fat-free yogurt without sugar benefits you. Fennel Seed
    Sonof is rich in vitamins and minerals, eliminating the bad bacteria that cause digestion, gas, etc. and spoil the stomach. After meals, consume some of it or try to eat in case of gas.
  • Heating *
    Keep a bottle or heating pad full of hot water on your stomach, which boosts blood on the surface of the skin during heating, and is useful for relieving gastrointestinal distress.

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