If you have ever experienced severe discomfort in the shank, toe or thigh during sleep at night, then you know how painful it can be in medical
terms it is called Charlie Horse, which often causes severe pain in the shanks, thighs or toes during sleep, which can last for a few seconds to several minutes.

According to clinicians, if the pain is only 10 seconds, it can feel like it has been 20 years, so it can occur before or after exercise during awakening and can occur in other parts of the body.

However, it usually occurs at night in some part of the leg.

What is the reason?
It is not entirely clear what the reasons are but many factors are pointed out.
For years, experts believed that this compression of the mucus results from dehydration and deprivation of electrolytes, but research reports indicate that the causes may be even greater.

According to Toledo Medical Center expert, it is believed that the mucus is the result of repeated nerve firing and has nothing to do with the file, the most common cause of which is a heavy strain on the mules Too much use.

Other factors include prolonged sitting, poor blood circulation, specific medications, a sedentary lifestyle, and excessive exercise. Pregnant women, athletes, the elderly, and those with obesity are more prone to it.

Why does it happen at night?
It is not yet clear that Charlie Harris
Why is often encountered during sleep but experts have some ideas in this regard.

According to Jonathan Meltzer, a physician at Russo Physical Therapy, excessive sitting at the end of the day, poor posture to keep the files, or exhaustion of the muscles as a result of exercise can cause them to become constricted.

In addition, it is important to look at the body’s position during sleep, which can lead to stiffness. If you take the leash and hang your feet downwards, there may be complaints of shank filtration on a long-term basis.

How is it possible to escape?
There are a few ways that it can help prevent or alleviate pain.

Adopting good habits such as stretching and rolling sticks can reduce the stiff files. Disseminate files to their functionsHelps to work properly, stretching the ankle and legs before going to bed helps prevent this problem.

Staying physically active also prevents this problem from occurring because sitting too long or standing in one place increases the pressure on the filets, constantly changing the physical position at home and the office can prevent this discomfort, such as every hour. I got up from the chair and walked for a while.

Although the results of the dehydration and filtration results are mixed, there is no harm in making a habit of drinking the right amount of water. Whether it will be beneficial or not, but it is certainly not harmful.
Helps to work properly, stretching the ankle and feet before going to bed helps prevent this problem.

Adjusting the position of the gold can also prevent this problem.

  • How to get relief if you have night problems? *
    If you ever have this discomfort in sleep, turning your toes to the body can also provide some relief.
    If you are experiencing swelling of the palms, a warm cloth, massage or ice can also be helped. Besides, a mustard or olive oil massage on the soles of the feet is very useful in relieving this pain.

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