ASTHMA and its best Treatment.


Diagnosis and best treatment.
Asthma is a chronic disease, which keeps people in their grip. More than 33 million people worldwide suffer from the disease, while the chronic disease kills nearly two million people every year.

Asthma is called asthma or asthma due to a problem in the respiratory tract or due to poor lung function. There are several symptoms of asthma, such as whistling sound, cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, sleep apnea or anxiety and fatigue. Disease caused by internal allergic allergies, dust dust, climate change and respiratory tract infections is caused by ‘asthma’ and heavy cigarette use and air pollution.
Disease is called Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

Asthma is diagnosed through physical examination and medical tests. Medical tests can confirm asthma through blood tests, x-rays, blood oxygen levels, lung movement tests, spirometry and allergy tests.

No special treatment for asthma is available, but precautions can be taken to prevent the disease from escalating. Asthma can be prevented in two ways: one to treat and the other to cure. The trick is to have the patient change his or her daily routine. If he is addicted to any type of drug, he should quit immediately, avoiding the use of heavy cigarettes, alcohol, tobacco and drug addictions while dust, dust and air pollution.Save. In addition, if climate change is harmed, then there are safeguards to be taken.

The most effective treatment for asthma is the use of inhalers, which include various medicines to control the disease. These medicines can prevent asthma from escalating and reduce the patient’s discomfort. A common misconception is that the frequent use of inhalers is harmful to the body, they are addictive and make the body addicted to it. The fact is that inhalers are very useful for asthma patients, they make the body accustomed to it, but this habit is just as beneficial as eating a daily diet. The disease of those who give up using inhalers quickly reaches the final stage, which can prove fatal.

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