Wonderful benefits of “MULBERRY”.

  • Mulberry Black (Mulberry): Useful in properties for diseases *

Mulberry is also red, green, white and black. A variety of black mulberry has been the most widely recognized, dripping juice and it is lion.

The fruit arrives in the summer, while in winter it lacks the utility, but in this regard, women are more likely to participate in drying it – in addition to being available only at certain locations throughout the year. Is-

  • Benefits of mulberry: *
    Generally, eating sweet mulberry is soothing in nature. It produces good blood by relieving anxiety, nervousness, irritation and anger, it improves liver and spleen as well as improves digestive nutrition. Yes, the fruit contains pure water, meat-making ingredients, starch
    Contains starch, sugar. Its chemical constituents include copper, iodine, potassium, calcium, steel, phosphorus and phosphorus.

Nature is also rich in vitamin A, B and D. It stimulates digestion with constipation, it is effective in suppressing the liver and producing good blood.

Its syrup is beneficial in fever and reduces body temperature by relieving the heat and thirst of heat, its use eliminates mucus, it can cause severe cough, especially in dry cough and throat. Very useful in soreness, take twenty-one fresh mulberry for a headache and place it under a plate of sugar overnight under the open sky and in the morning, before eating a mouthful, the day comes to rest.
When heat is increased in the stomach and liver, its effects are usually in the form of blisters on the tongue 4, throat pain also begins, the affected person becomes unable to eat, even if soft from the mulberry tree. The soft blisters are broken and chewed well then the mouth blisters go away.

Allergies are caused by the addition or reduction of something, also known as leaf in common. When it is allergic, it causes red wounds on the body; Grind them in such mushrooms and mix them with vinegar, add a few drops of rosemary to it and mix them until they are cohesive. The leaf will be removed.
Those who eat mulberry passion never have bad throat and do not suffer from tonsils, so be sure to eat mulberry during mulberry season.

Patients with diarrhea and mental distress should eat black mulberry mouth in the early morning; a few days of use will relieve mental retardation and colds.

People who constantly accumulate storms of acidity in the gastrointestinal tract, even after using all sorts of medicines, their best remedy for this disease is to eat a powdered mulberry.
Regular cultivation of mulberry for silk has been in progress for the last four thousand years and the cultivating countries and their area of ​​cultivation are increasing rapidly.

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