Amazing 😍 Health Benefits of “MANGALA SEEDS”.

تخ ملنگاں۔

The seeds of mangala are similar to the seeds of sesame seeds. Some people consider it to be a plant of the family of tulsi. –
Slip milling is rarely used and most people are unaware of its usefulness, which is why we thought you should be familiar with the benefits of slimming.

Most seeds milling is used in summer season in syrup etc. Or it is used in faladoo etc. as it reduces heat from the body and gives a feeling of cooling. You can also use it in fruit, yogurt, milk, garlic, lemon water and milk shake. It is found in fiber, phosphorus, thiamin, iodine, carbohydrates, zinc, copper, grease, vitamins and calcium. The benefits are also known.


  1. The.
    anti-aging effect of the skin is noticeable for the elderly, because it contains twice the amount of
    2.It also
    helps keep the digestive tract healthy.
    3.Keep blood pressure and cholesterol levels are normal to eat
    even weight loss Malinga.
    4.Malinga is strapped for removing arterial heart disease is useful in
    reducing body fat than .
    5.Malinga Provides energy to the body and
    protects the body from malignant diabetes
    .6. The presence of calcium in it strengthens our bones and muscles. 7. Malinga is also maintaining dental health .
  2. Get rid of spots and stains using face milling Grain
  3. Improves the hair and uses it to make the hair longer and also prevents it from becoming prematurely white.
  4. Brings milling joints from pain
    is not physical inflammation.
  5. Malinga
    comes good sleep. 12.Malinga
    is also useful to bring weight loss.
    13.Malinga gastroenteritis
    Safflower mingle is helpful in reducing appetite as its use reduces appetite.
    14.Eating mucus provides relief in cough. If the
    skin is dry, especially when it is winter, grind the shrimp. Massages can be found in coconut oil, land

Note.shall be
not use for men disease of male weakness they use it because its effectiveness is cold And it makes cool the body or they use it in small quantities and can occasionally be useful to use anything specific amount.

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