Is ” TALKING MYSELF” is a sign of Madness?.

  • Is talking myself is a sign of madness? *

There is a strong possibility that you have been talking to yourself in your mind or out loud in your youth or middle age.

Some people do this often and find it helpful for themselves, but you might think that talking to yourself or talking is normal? Is there any good in this? Or is it a bad thing?

But the most important question is whether talking to yourself is a symptom of a mental illness?

Medical experts such as Dr. Laura F. Dibney say that ‘talking to yourself is normal and very common; it is not a habit that becomes more addictive or a symptom of mental illness and it is more common than people expect.’ Is’
According to Veronica Togaleva, author of a book The Art of Talking to Yourself, in this regard, “The truth is that we all talk to ourselves, it may seem strange to speak out loud to people, but We all do it in our minds, to explain the tasks and things in our daily lives. ‘

According to Dr. Laura F. Dibney, imagine everyday scenarios in which you can speak for example, for example, you may be moving around important things like keys, coats, bags and lunches before leaving the house, or from the office. On the return call your boss starts to get upset over the conversation.

  • This habit has its own benefits *
    Experts say that self-talk is a healthy and supportive habit, especially when talking to yourself in a positive way can help you get through the difficult times, as it can keep you calm and focus on positive things rather than stress or anxiety. Possible to do.

There are times in life when people often talk about themselves, for example when trying to make a difficult decision in an emotional situation or want to overcome their emotional state.

  • Other Benefits *
    Self-talk makes people remember their day-to-day tasks or deal with minor or momentary issues.

Experts say that it can be made more meaningful when speaking to yourself as a second or third person, such as making a speech in a public place.
Instead of saying why am I so nervous? Why is it that you are so nervous or so nervous?

  • There is nothing wrong with making a habit of self-talk *
    Experts think that self-talk can also be linked to mindfulness or dexterity, they say that during difficult times, our mind can lead us to darkness, and that is why making a habit of speaking positively is a good way to avoid it. Can be an exercise. He said that since there is no harm in talking to yourself it is a good idea to make it a habit, just choose a particular time or place for it or try it only when facing a different event in the day. ۔
  • Is it harmful or a disease sign? *
    Self-talk is often linked to mental disorders, but rarely is it a mental disorder.Is a symptom of psychological problems, but sometimes it can be a sign of psychological problems, such as self-harm to self-harm, it can be a sign of an emotional problem.

Or if someone repeats the same phrase over and over again, it can also be an indication of some kind of emotional or mental problem and it is better to talk to a medical specialist in that regard.

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