When should I be “SILENT”.

  • When should I be silent * ???

1 – Be quiet when you are angry.
2- Be quiet when he you have no arguments.
3.Silence, when you haven’t researched anything.

  1. Be quiet when your words suppress a weak one.
    5.Be quiet when it’s time to listen and learn.
    6.Be quiet when your soul wants to make fun of something sacred.
    7.Be quiet when someone starts talking about sin.
    8.Be quiet, talk about things that might embarrass you.
    9.Be quiet when your words are misunderstood.
    10.Be quiet while others are settling their affairs.
    11.Be quiet when you want to lie.
    12.Silence when you have someone else’s reputation for protection.
    13.Be quiet when your words start to break someone’s friendship.
  2. 14.Be quiet when you start criticizing someone.
  3. 15.Be quiet, when you can’t say things in a honest way.
  4. 16.Be quiet when your words reveal the unfamiliarity of a matter.
  5. 17.Be quiet when you have to say something.
  6. 18.Be quiet, when you have said something many times.
  7. 19.Be quiet when you become someone’s mode of flattering.
  8. 20.Be quiet when your words become offensive to someone.

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Professor Asim Hanif Health tips. HEALTH Is WEALTH.

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