Amazing health benefits of “GREEN PAPAYA”

Green papaya benefits:
Raw papaya is a priceless gift from God and almost everyone loves it. It is very tasty in eating as well as it has so many benefits too. Today we will tell you how green papaya is beneficial for cholesterol, high blood pressure and early menopause in women.

Preparation for remedy:
• First cut a long piece of raw papaya.
• Remove the seeds and peels of papaya.

• Heat one glass of milk in a skillet.
• When the oil is heated, add the piece of raw papaya into it.
• Separate the milk and papaya piece in different containers and cover.

Method of usage:
• Heart patients and people who suffer clotting can use this milk only at day time.
• Women whose menstrual cycle stops before time can eat the piece of papaya in four portions of the day, and take the milk at the time of asar.

For the patients of high blood pressure:
High blood pressure patients can use the following remedy with papaya milk:
• Green cardamom—- 50grams
• Black pepper— 25grams
• Chandan— 25grams

  1. Grind all the ingredients to powder.
  2. Use this powder a pinch with papaya milk.
  3. In sha Allah you will get rid of the medicines of blood pressure

Note: remember while peeling the raw papaya that no bubbles should be formed or the milk will get wasted.

There are many interesting green papaya benefits. We have discussed some of green papaya benefits below:

Green papaya contains vitamin C, E and A, green papaya contains potassium, magnesium and many useful nutrients. Green papaya benefits also include help in digestion. It has many anti-cancer properties. Green papayas benefits also include skin freshening. It improves the color of skin and makes it fresh.

You should use green papaya in our diet daily, you can have papayas in salads, and you can eat it after dinner. Green papaya benefits are very essential for our health.

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