10 Foods that keep the “LUNGS” healthy from diseases.

10 foods that keep the lungs healthy from diseases

If we want our body to function properly, it is important for the lungs to be healthy because they serve the most important functions in our body, the most important of which is to send oxygen from the air into the blood. And carbon dioxide is excreted from the body and if it does not work properly, the risk of exposure to respiratory diseases such as pneumonia and COPD may increase.

The best way to keep the lungs healthy is to eat a good diet, a good diet is an investment that is extremely helpful in keeping our body healthy and active in the long run.
No. 1 Water

Water is life and more than 60% of our body is rich in water. According to medical science, the brain and heart are more than 73% water, our skin is 64% water, our muscles and kidneys are 79% water. And our lungs are 83% watery, and even our bones have 31% water.

Lack of water can cause severe damage to the lungs.

Number 2 fat fish

Meat of fish that has high fat has a very good effect on lung health because fatty fish contains high amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids and is also very beneficial for heart and blood vessels along with fatty acids. Is the thing

Number 3 apple

Apple is a fruit that is beneficial to the bewhole body but it has a very good effect on lung function, according to a medical science study. Fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C, beta carotene, are found in the lungs. Plays an important role in keeping healthy and apples contain 7% Vitamin C, the most important vitamins and minerals for the body.
No. 4 Apricots

Asthma is available to us throughout the year, even after its season, and apricot is a very useful fruit for the lungs because it contains a large amount of vitamin A and vitamin A vitamin plays an important role in protecting the lungs from infection. Is.

No. 5 Brockley

Broccoli has many antioxidant properties in green vegetables, and according to a study, green vegetables are the most beneficial vegetables for the lungs, which contribute to keeping them healthy for long.

Number 6 poultry

Chickens, turkeys, quail etc. also have a very good effect on lung health as these foods are also rich in vitamin A and vitamin A obtained from meat is considered more beneficial to the lungs than vegetables.

Number 7 Walnut

Walnut is the king of dry fruits, whose nutrients are very beneficial to our entire body, especially to the brain, heart, blood pressure, diabetes and lungs because walnuts are full of plant-derived omega 3s and a handful each day. Eating walnuts helps eliminate asthma and respiratory diseases.
Number 8 beans

Red, white beans are also a very beneficial diet for our penises because they are rich in antioxidant properties and these properties prevent free radicals affecting the organs and these free radicals in our body can also cause severe damage to the lungs. And can cure diseases such as cancer.

Number 9 grapes and strawberries

Cranberries, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, etc. are also beneficial foods for the lungs as these foods also contain antioxidant properties along with vitamins and minerals.

Number 10 green tea

Green tea is a very good beverage for our health and how it benefits us if consumed without sugar and its main benefit is its antioxidant properties.

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